Fabrication of custom and unique equipment is our specialty at Cramers’ Inc. Power rolls to produce rolled cylinders and specially shaped custom parts are an integral part of our capabilities.

Forming and welding of all types of carbon, alloy, stainless, and inconel materials are just part of our total expertise. These materials can be worked into numerous configurations by Cramers’ highly skilled mechanics, including:

  • Piping with Y-fittings, tees, and U-joints are produced to meet any design including special dampers for all flow and exhaust systems.
  • Mixing chambers for various commodities or liquids can be manufactured to your most challenging design conditions.
  • Dust collecting units for conformance with O.S.H.A. restrictions are custom-produced to multiple material and test specifications.

Cramers’ also specializes in creating fabricated steel formed molds used in the plastic and concrete industries. Accurate molds can be produced according to your specifications for such applications as catch basins and septic tanks.

At Cramers’, we welcome the opportunity to meet your most basic or demanding metal forming and fabricating needs.