[icon icon=”fa fa-briefcase” position=”icon-left” title=”CUSTOM FABRICATION” url=”/services/custom-fabrication/”]We offer custom metal fabrication services to any specifications.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-truck” position=”icon-left” title=”ROLL FORMING” url=”/services/roll-forming/”]Learn more about our roll forming services that produce cylinders, tanks, and specially shaped custom metal parts.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-industry” position=”icon-left” title=”LASER CUTTING” url=”/services/laser-cutting/”]Cramers’ specializes in state-of-the-art laser cutting of various metal materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cog” position=”icon-left” title=”BRAKE FORMING” url=”/services/brake-forming/”]We use accurate forming and bending machines to produce spec and custom brake parts.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”PLASMA CUTTING” url=”/services/plasma-cutting/”]Our plasma-cutting services provide fabrication for thicker sheets of steel, aluminum, and other metals.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-truck” position=”icon-left” title=”FIELD SERVICES” url=”/services/field-services/”]Find out about our on-site installation, maintenance, and other field services.[/icon]

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Since its inception in 1946, Cramers’ Inc. has carved its niche and has grown to become one of the Canton, OH area’s leaders in metal forming and fabricating. Continuing in this tradition, Cramers’ takes a practical, quality systems approach to business, combining the necessary ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction. Top-notch service and cutting-edge equipment coupled with a commitment to quality is the secret to Cramers’ success.

In keeping abreast of the latest technological developments, Cramers’ has assured itself a competitive edge in the metal fabrication industry. Efficient machinery keeps production rates up and operating costs down. Our 40,000 square foot facility houses the pinnacle of our technological advantages.

With state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for large and small productions, translating into faster turnaround times and minimized errors.

Cramers’ has the capabilities to meet your most stringent specifications. From light custom shaping to high-volume fabricating, we deliver.

We meet the metal forming and fabricating needs of companies in all major capacities. We have qualified welders to comply with your standard specifications. Every job meets O.S.H.A. standards. Cramers’ uses only the finest stainless steels and metal products. At Cramers’, we keep our standards high.

Fabrication of custom and unique equipment is Cramers’ specialty. We can meet all your most basic or demanding metal forming and fabricating needs.